Say Hello to More Active Passive Income,
With a Niche Curated Affilate Store
Create your very own beautiful online store with all of your affiliate links organized and displayed exactly the way you want. Activate a variety of social and community features to make your passive income super active.
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Integrates with all popular affiliate sites including
Earn passive income from your very own niche curated affiliate store.
Affiliate programs aren't new. Many sites (e.g. eBay, Amazon) give you commissions when you advertise their products. But how do you make your affilite links work better and smarter?
Kaching lets you create beautiful online stores by adding all of your affiliated products categorized, tagged and displayed exactly the way you want, targeted at your audience (e.g. communities, Facebook groups).
Bring all your affiliate links, create multiple stores targeting each niche.
Whether your affiliate product is from eBay, Amazon, GoDaddy or Walmart, it doesn't matter. Use our flexible CMS to add any type of product you want. Add your own reviews, images, videos. Categorize it, tag it. Provide as much (or as little) information.
Better yet, Kaching can search for products you want to showcase automatically and lets you pick, choose and edit them exactly the way you want, always giving your store a fresh stock of products.
Take your passive income to the next level and turn your store into a community.
Imagine how much more you will earn if your store became a niche community? Don't just imagine. Kaching lets you enable membership with a single click and let users join to discuss, vote, like and share the products.
Have your members submit their own affiliate product themselves, which you can review and approve and drive even more engagement from your community.
Everything you need to build your own affiliate store.
Easy item curation
Manually add your affiliate items using our built-in CMS or automatically bring them via RSS feeds and APIs.
Add your own domain name
Personalize your affiliate store with your own custom domain name, so people can easily find it.
Design your store
Add a logo, favicon, background image, choose store layout and customize the store the way you want.
Built-in newsletter
Let your visitors sign up to an automated store newsletter so they receive updates on any new items added to your store.
Easily embed your store & items
Let anyone easily embed your items on their websites and blogs to spread the word about your store and its products.
Analytics & reporting
Add Google Analytics and get regular reports to know exactly how many people visited your store and clicked on each items.
Filters, Categories & Tag
Organize your items exactly how you want. Add categories and tags so users find exactly what they are looking for on your store.
Membership, Out of the Box
Let your visitors become members by registering and logging in, available right out of the box.
Engage with Social Features
Get your users to vote, like, comment and ask questions on your store, turning them into a highly engaged community.
Add Custom Static Pages
Easily add custom static pages like About Us or Frequently Asked Questions to provide more information to your store.
Custom Links
Add custom links to link to your homepage, community page etc. as you wish. Perfect for building out backlinks.
Integrate with others
Add chatbots from HubSpot, Drift and Tawk, integrate with Twitter to send out automated tweets about your prouducts.
Maximum SEO
Change META tags, participate in backlink-sharing with other stores and keep users via iFrame, all optimized for SEO.
Translate Your Store
Change every text and wording on your store to your own liking. Translate it into a different language of your choice.
Backed by Awesome Support
Stuck? Questions? Reach out to us any time, and you will hear from us very soon with updates and solutions.
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